Museum Identity

Markers and Pens is a Museum that brings color, texture, and size to life. It captures the twenty-six different types of markers and pens that artist today use in their everyday life. If you are a fan of art you might recognized some of these hand tools. Artist might use them for writing, sketching, illustrating, and even used in their artwork or masterpiece. This Museum will educate you on different drawing tools and show what their good for. Come and explore the vibrant, colorful and fun experience that brings a playful vibe to the Museum, Marker and Pens. You will have a good time learning about different varieties of artist markers and pens. This Museum shows an interest in their color, texture, size, place where their made, and what they are used for. When you look at all the pens and markers together you see how many different ways you can create art and how the art has grown as a bigger category in today’s society. It also shows how some Markers are a lot more valuable than others base on their price. In the Museum you will see twenty-six markers and pens in a glass case hanging on a wall categorized base on how much they cost, the more expensive they are going first so you see how highly valued they are and the cheaper they are going last. There will be an interactive game that people could play that will help people learn about the history and facts about each markers and pens in the museum. People will be able to match the card with the information with the marker that’s in the glass case. All the objects in the Museum are bought in art store and they all have been used by an artist. So come see this colorful experience in an artist mind and have fun learning about new materials that could be helpful in your art someday.

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