L'oree Du Bois

This branding project, done in Visual Communications II at PrattMWP, promotes the brand L'Oree Du Bois. L'Oree Du Bois is a made up company made from scratch. This product produces a high quality and impeccable taste. The company currently produces three main lines of products, named: Snow: Blonde Ale beer, Biere Blonde, Cabin: Red Lager beer, Biere Rousse and Lumber: Brown Stout beer, Biere Brune. The beer is brewed in the style of North Eastern Canada. It is a famous traditional recipe from Quebec City. This product was inspired by my grandparent's cabin in the woods in Canada. L’Orée du Bois is a seasonal winter beer released every year in time for the holiday season. It is perfect to drink next to a warm cozy fireplace or outside in the crystal clear white snow. This is a perfect beer to drink to keep you warm in the slow pace of the holiday season. This product was also featured in Packaging of the world website.


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