I am currently a Senior studying at Pratt Institute in Communication Design with a major in graphic design. I have a deep interest in working with many different art forms such as graphic design, branding, packaging, painting, silkscreen, ceramics, and woodworking making myself a diverse artist.
My passion for creativity has led me to express myself in fine arts, outdoor murals and graphic design. I am influenced by many different abstract painters and contemporary designers. I believe that my artworks is based on what matters in life and what’s important to show the world. As a designer I plan to spend my lifetime exploring colors, shapes, balance and rhythm throughout my work.
I was published in the GD USA Magazine for one of my branding projects in 2016. I have received many different awards for my artwork in the last couple of years. My work has also been exhibited at the Museum of Munson-Williams-Proctor Museum of Arts Institute, Utica, New York.